Well, somehow three months went by since my last post, and of course lots has happened, but not as much as I’d hoped in terms of running progress.

In early September I got the amazingly good news from my doctor that I could return to activity with “NO RESTRICTIONS!!!” with the caveat that my return to running would subject to the supervision of my PT. Yeah, not so fast. It was another 3+ weeks of walking, PT exercises and yoga (oh, so much yoga) until I was allowed to try 10 minutes on the treadmill. I was then given a plan, mixing walking and running until I could run 40 minutes with a short 2 minute break in the middle, and just two weeks later I “graduated” from PT. I was a little emotional that day.

Well, of course once I start running it becomes all I want to do, all the time, like one of those addicted rats. But I do my best to be moderate at first. Gradual progression, adding no more than one mile per run and 10% per week and nothing fast. Sort of. Another medical issue requires taking a two week break from running. I try barre classes and start to love the routine. Then I try to pick up where I left off, and bam!, within two weeks I’m sidelined with shin splints. Not a huge deal but nothing I want to keep running through. I go lift some weights instead and get horrendously sore and cranky afterwards.

Which brings me to today and back to running. Five miles, pain-but-not-ache-free, inspired by friends and runners at The North Face SF today. How was I there last year, doing it for fun, like 50 miles NBD? I know we’re not supposed to think of going back, because we can’t, only moving forward to whatever the future holds, but oh how I would like to be fearless that way again, willing to put up with the discomfort and pain without thoughts of serious injury. Now I feel haunted by twinges- a shin splint can become a tibial stress fracture, the aching hip may create further imbalances, and so on. It’s a sucky push and pull between wanting to run, run, run, sign up for all the races next year, and holding back, being patient, doing other stuff with  one-month Classpass I gifted myself this week. Let’s see how that goes.