I felt a little tired, achey and cranky last week. Maybe I did a little too much too soon during the early recovery days. I’m really not superhuman. I needed a real rest, so I took some days off and spent some time learning a little more about what I’ll need to do in the year ahead. I started with “The Maffetone Method,” which is written for a general audience, but includes all of the key principles from the much longer and more detailed “Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.”  I got a new armband heart rate monitor and a training journal for the next year and I’m ready to put them to use.

12/22 Week in Review:

Monday: 1-hour yoga class

Tuesday: 25 minute swim, 45 minute spinning class, 2 mile walk

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest with extra sleep

Friday: Rest and half hour or so of walking

Saturday: 7-mile easy run

Sunday: 4 mile easy run, 1 hour yoga