Since I was already out of town pacing for Rocky Raccoon, I figured why not extend the break from the cold a little longer. I spent the week in Miami and the Florida Keys, ruining my diet with every variety of fried conch fritters and Key Lime Pie encountered, but I held up my end on the training front. After the first day, when I put of my run until late in the day and felt anxious about it the whole time, I woke up early every morning to get my workout in before the temperatures rose and it was time to go sightseeing and do other fun stuff.

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Back home on Sunday, I completed my first proper long run in a while, 3 loops and change in Central Park with clouds, cold and wind. Reality bites.

 Week in Review: 2/2

Monday: 5-mile tempo

Tuesday: 11 miles long intervals and strength workout

Wednesday: 5-mile tempo

Thursday: 7 miles short intervals and strength workout

Friday: 4 miles easy

Saturday: 8.5 miles short intervals and strength workout

Sunday: 20 miles mostly easy